Accademia Costume & Moda officially inaugurated its Milan headquarters at 23 Via Fogazzaro, which, already operational since 2021, aims to become a point of reference in the academic sphere thanks to a wide range of educational offerings that now also approaches new sectors with the introduction of the “Master’s Degree in Style & Management for the Music Industry” and the “Level I Master’s Degree in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution,” in partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo, Bonaudo and Project Officina Creativa.

To celebrate this occasion and to pay homage to the city of Milan, a rich and articulated schedule of activities open to the public has been prepared, such as talks, workshops and moments of discussion with some of the most authoritative voices of the fashion system and Italian publishing, which saw its climax at the event in the Fashion Show presentation of the Final Work and Industry Projects of the students of the Academic Master Level I in Creative Knitwear Design (2020/2021).

“Accademia Costume & Moda was born from the vision of a woman, Rosana Pistolese, who has always looked at the contemporary through “Costume,” that is, the search for new expressions through “knowledge” whether it be of the past or sensibilities related to the present. From her words in the 1960s, “Fashion by its variable character has always remained a factor inherent to its very essence. fashion creation itself is in fact of a changeable nature because it is research and it is the study of always finding a new grace by imprinting it with a style Rosana has always looked at the Academy as a laboratory of ideas, exchanges, at the service of Fashion and Entertainment, “culture” and “knowledge” as the first construction of one’s “being” and “creativity.

In Milan, we want to bring our approach to design, a method acquired over the years that allows us to offer our community an experience that is not only didactic, but of personal growth before even professional growth, an evolution that we witness every day, evolving us with it.

Thanks to the City of Milan, the Region to all the Institutions, and especially to the more than 160 companies that support us daily in giving experience and expertise to the next generation of employees.

A thought to Fiamma, president aeternum, who left us in 2020, this headquarters and new adventure are dedicated to you

Your sons, Lupo & Furio”. .

Thus comment A. Lupo Lanzara and Furio Francini, respectively President and CEO of Accademia Costume & Moda, as well as today’s spokespersons of a long and rich tradition and family values shared with the Founder, Rosana Pistolese, and her daughter, Aeternum President Fiamma Lanzara, the institution’s landing in the Milan.

The Master’s Degree in Creative Knitwear Design, developed in collaboration with Modateca Deanna and numerous companies in the Italian manufacturing district, is aimed at graduates and professionals who intend to complete and deepen their cultural and professional training, from design to production, in the field of knitwear, a sector of excellence of Made in Italy. The course- which sees the participation of leading companies in the sector and some of the most important production realities in our country-is therefore presented as the result of a close collaboration between the world of Education and Industry and tells a story of generosity, foresight and dedication, experimentation and style, of which tonight’s show is the sum manifestation.

The Industry Projects – that is, the projects created in collaboration with Maison and manufacturing companies, an integral part of the academic path – presented during the fashion show-event are:

• Ermanno Scervino, designed by Davide Panzeri;
• Etro designed by Giacomo Chicca, Pasquale De Lise, Francesca Guidozzi, Francesca Padalino,

Chiara Taruschio, Mingyang Zhang;

• Max Mara Fashion Group Industry Project: Max Mara, designed by Angela Pea; Max Mara Leisure, designed by Mariaenrica Devoto; MAX&Co., designed by Francesca Guidozzi; Marina Rinaldi, designed by Angelia Corno; Sportmax, designed by Giacomo Chicca. 

Students also developed a project in collaboration with Filati, featuring looks and knit stitches created by: Eleonora Belfiore, Giacomo Chicca, Angelia Corno, Pasquale De Lise, Magali De Moor, Mariaenrica Devoto, Maddalena Gentile, Francesca Guidozzi, Olga Kariakina, Martina Magri, Francesca Padalino, Angela Pea, Maria Roberta Pintus, Davide Panzeri, Chiara Taruschio, Mingyang Zhang.

The partner companies that collaborated on the students’ Final Work and Industry Projects are: Art Design, Artemaglia Fashion, Blu Di Prussia, Botto Giuseppe, Cariaggi Lanificio, Casa del Filato, Corazzari Maglierie, Crisden, Della Rovere, Divina Mode, Emilcotoni, Filati Be.mi. va, Filati Biagioli Modesto, Filpucci, Iafil, Igea, Ilaria Manifattura Lane, Imax, Loma, Innocenti, Jumbo, Kyototex, Lanificio dell’Olivo, Lineapiù Italia, LFG Linking Fashion Group, Loma, Maglificio Loredana, Maglifici

Marilina, Manifattura Sesia, Mas, Mely’s, Metaphor, Millefili, MRC Knitwear, Roberto Collina, Servizi e Seta, Shima Seiki Italia, SMT, Staff Ricami, Stamperia Europa, STOLL, Taiana, Tintoria Rosta Nuova, Tollegno 1900, Toscano, Volcar, Zanni Maglieria, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia.

“It is a great joy to inaugurate the new headquarters of Accademia Costume & Moda in Milan with the fashion show of the first-level academic master’s program in Creative Knitwear Design. A celebration to celebrate knitwear and the entire supply chain that, with passion, tenacity and innovation, creates exceptional products”, says Sonia Veroni – CEO Modateca Deanna and Director of the First Level Academic Master in Creative Knitwear Design.



About Accademia Costume & Moda

Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) has an important history in the educational landscape in the Italian and international Fashion and Entertainment industries. Founded by Rosana Pistolese – a fashion designer, costume designer, journalist and academic, whose vision was to train and support the cultural heritage of the Italian Fashion and Costume industries with a unique and innovative approach based on the constant interaction between these two fields – the Accademia Costume & Moda was born in 1964 at the interest of the Ente Moda, by enactment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Ministerial Decree No. 26645/CF/1964) and under the patronage of the City of Rome and the National Chamber of Italian

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