Privileging manual labor combined with technological innovation this company, which currently employs nearly 500 workers, is a “huge tailoring” working with the best and biggest brands in the world.

Photo: Luca Condorelli

Established in 1984, Crialme stands out in the textile industry as a world reference in the tailoring business thanks to its flexibility and capacity to adapt to fashion and market trends.

Photo: Luca Condorelli

Originally dedicated to the manufacturing of classic men trousers, after successive investments in mechanisms and infrastructures, as well as in the qualified training of their staff, it quickly adapted to market needs, starting to offer a wide range of products. The management experience and reputation are supported by a dynamic commercial team who provides real-time information regarding each step of the collections/productions, always favouring a client-oriented approach.

Photo: Luca Condorelli


To add value to the product with quality and continuous improvement, using innovative methods so as to ensure the success of our clients and the organisation’s sustained growth.

Photo: Luca Condorelli
Photo: Luca Condorelli


To be acknowledged by our clients, employees and providers as a reference organisation in innovation, style and quality, and as the best solution in the clothing industry.

Photo: Luca Condorelli
Photo: Luca Condorelli
Photo: Luca Condorelli


Client focus
Valuation of employees
Innovation and creativity
Common sense and simplicity of processes
Team work
Social and environmental responsibility

Photo Credits: Luca Condorelli


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