YIE KIM sets out to personify her appreciation of modern art and design through the brand in 2019. The design philosophy embodies the kinship between modern art and fashion by her softly sculpted design ques of femininity which are represented in each piece.

As a Korean-rooted designer and a graduate of Parsons School of Design, New York, she is able to capture the global world of modern art from every aspect while residing in Europe. Her expanded vision is delivered in the collections with quiet, yet bold, sophisticated sculpted design pieces.

Materials have been carefully selected with fine fabrics to ensure a timeless design in this fast evolving fashion world. The collections cater to the modern person who perceives fashion as a form of art. Intertwining of modern art and fashion is the founding philosophy of the brand, YIE KIM.





For her SS20 collection, Yie was inspired by the sculpture “Winged Victory of Samothrace.”The power in femininity shown by the beautifully carved wings are transformed into the designs with transparent materials such as organza silk to accentuate the collection’s own signature of softly sculpted ambiance.



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