The editorial itself has the intention of showing, due COVID and its need for technology, how the new upcoming generation is having and will have trouble differentiating between reality and digital. Thus creating a phygital world where everything is mixed. This is a trend noticed in fashion recently as brands are taking advantage of the technology , due to the lack of options. Therefore, bringing video game worlds, avatar characters, digital clothes and Digital fashion shows all into the realms of high fashion. In addition, the styling was also inspired in the fall winter 21 trends, putting in focus statement tights, chunky shoes, mixing nudity with winter outfits, all whilst playing with different character personality and clashing styles. Furthermore the post production was made with the intent to not only making the model look like a doll/ avatar but also to make her look as if she is vacuumed sealed, by the world of technology, as it is sucking out our abilities to live in reality.

Crew credits:

Photography: Enrico Labriola @enricolabriolaphotograoher

Stylist + creative director: Alexandra Neumann @alexandranewmz

Stylist assistant and Post production: Anna Kossmann @annak_style

Make-up: Lilia Sterrantino @liliasmakeupworld 

Model: Isabella Barros @isasbrr

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