Part of the Anti-fashion group show, curated by Project Fungus during KIEv_Art_Fashion_Days Project was developed in collaboration with the project Fungus.

”The project represents Local Queer Culture scene that is in the shadow – from classy vision. Every pictures represents intimacy that person has during the organic life. Toilet is the only one place where you can hear your deep thoughts and pouring water. Personally, during this process I can hear one song, which tells that success is possible and you can be proud of everything you make- it’s Barbara Streisand ” Rain on my Parade ”. In my mind, the definition of word ‘rain’ doesn’t suit the today’s situation, because we are doing everything that is basically our job – the only difference is that someone works in the office and we are working everywhere, because we are artists. Ups, I forgot the biggest difference: they have money and we got expelled. I tried to represent it in boogie way with no recourses. It reminds me how controversial were the things in 90s and 2000s as I was inspired by every unapologetic icon. The funny thing is that today we have all the social media to do all that stuff. Nowadays, Georgia is acting exactly the same way but with networks. It simply means that every kind of artwork you do is not getting the direction you wanted – is just shitting on your parade. I’s the only recognition you get. Poses, toilet, visual scene, cheap silver shoes which are worn by every Georgian artist included in the project – representing that we are the same shoes.”


Author + Styled by Matt Shally 
Make-up :  Ucha D’arcey, Lile 
Visual art: David Apakidze 
Photography: Saba Gorgodze 

Motion design: Dachi Garuchava

Models: –

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