The starting theme of the editorial is Club Kids (a term coined in 1988), they were eccentric young people from New York. They distinguished themselves for their desire for self-commodification, which took place through the hyper-awareness of the potential of self-branding and promotion, anticipating today’s trends. Unlike the exclusive underground scenes that had come before, they actively courted the mainstream. An existence marked by incredible parties, extravagant outfits and a total self-liberation. Creating inclusive spaces in which to explore the idea of gender fluidity and sexuality, self-expression is free, and a real sense of community can take shape, especially for usually marginalized groups. the Club Kids laid the foundations for a dialogue that we still carry on today. 

The history of Milan is steeped in the influence of clubs such as Plastic, Rocket, Hollywood and many others, New Yorkers’ coolness engines. The culture of clubbing, in fact, is deeply linked to the social, economic and cultural of the city of Milan and its growth has also coincided with the progress of the city, which has become the Italian capital of inclusivity also thanks to the LGBT ni ght scene. The current interpretation is the new life of nightlife, “the Club Kids have never disappeared, they have only opened the doors to what is now our present. I consider myself one of them, I like to live at night, all of that. what you do has a different charm, at night you can shine and be whoever you want”.

The title “You cannot always be night” or “Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night” alludes to the fear of showing our selves for who we are or for what we would like to be in everyday life. Even if you are not ready to show yourself to the world, remember that you cannot hide forever.



DIRECTED + STYLING POPPIN BLON (Aurora Genovese) @poppin.blon

MUA CHIARA SALMI AND FRANCESCA GARGANO @sisalmichipuo + @francescagarganomua


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