Words by: Filippo Leone Maria Biraghi

Today archives from designers and collectors seem all the rage. In an age where creativity suffers from the overload of informations and images being thrown constantly us by the social media, the only reliable thing appears to be what has already been done. We at Simon Cracker do not believe in the mainstream fashion system of trends and seasonality. We love to think about our work from the past as chapters of a continuous story, thanks to the uniqueness of each garment, that by its nature does not get old. Maria Aminta Daniele with her unique, knowledgeable and unconventional approach to fashion is the caretaker of Simon Cracker’s non- archive from her shop and warehouse PWC in Milano. The vocabulary of the brand is alive and well, always developing but never forgetting.


Pictures, text and fashion direction: Filippo Leone Maria Biraghi

Fashion assistant: Manuel Bagnato

Models: Mimì Del Rey + Evita

All clothes by Simon Cracker at PWC Milano

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