Aimee Nielsen ( https://aimeenielsen.com/ ) obtained a Fashion Design degree at one of the worlds’ foremost fashion design schools, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, New York.  With an eye for design, Aimee also obtained a UI/UX  Product Design Certificate from the Pratt Institute out of Brooklyn, New York and a Motion Graphics Design Certificate also from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Aimee is additionally a licensed attorney in Florida and the District of Columbia.    

After releasing her first collection in 2018, The Deco Collection, she was selected to showcase her  designs at two New York Fashion Week runway shows, that were recommended by the New York Times. She was also selected to showcase her designs for Raw Artists and FIT Runway 27.  Her collection ‘A Tempestade’ was shown at London Fashion Week.

Her artwork has been displayed at prominent galleries such as the Museum at FIT in New York, New York. Aimee specializes creating unique designs for men and women utilizing activewear and knit textiles. Her prior training and experience also involves the use of a wide range of textiles and special techniques such as bridal, embroidery, couture, avante-garde, pleating and draping, menswear and womenswear. Aimee maintains a couture & RTW mixed line, Aimee Nielsen, and an active/sport line, Nielsena Sport. 

Aimee enjoys pushing the boundaries of what can be done with different textiles in fashion design and in fashion in general. Her design aesthetic is shaped by her love of architecture, lines, geometric shapes, art, patterns created by nature, and history. 


Describe yourself as a creative and how your label was born? 

As a creative I have very broad means as far as where I find inspiration and I would describe myself a very visual and auditory creative.  I also draw on my personal experiences for inspiration. I am constantly listening to music, looking at art, architecture, photography. I also love history so I am always scouring historical photographs.

When I am walking around places I am always paying attention to the sights and sounds of the things and people around me. Sometimes I listen to certain songs and an idea will come to me in the form of a fashion design. Being musically trained from a young age music is a very large part of my life and design inspiration.

— Aimee Nielsen

My label was born out of design ideas I had in my head that I could not shake approximately six years ago. These were ideas I felt I was meant to share with the world. Six years ago I didn’t know how to execute those ideas because I didn’t know how to sew. So, I began taking sewing lessons and ended up being accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, New York. From that point created my label and I have not stopped sewing and creating ever since.

How do you manage the creativity process exactly as it’s really challenging nowadays in fashion industry?

The way I manage my creative process is staying true to myself and believing in my own creative process timeline. The fashion industry, as with anything, is very competitive. I think if you stay true to yourself, believe in your talents, and your own creative process one cannot get lost.

What is the most challenging issue in for an independent label? 

I think the most challenging issue for an independent label initially is getting ‘your name out there’, visibility, and dedication.  Nothing has ever been handed to me in my life and everything I have done has always been the result of extremely hard work, time management, dedication, and not giving up on myself.  For me, it has taken years of hard work and patience to achieve certain things. It is definitely not easy and has not been easy.

What’s the main impact of social media in both ways, buying and brand marketing? 

I think social media has really changed the atmosphere for fashion designers in a positive way for brands getting themselves out there not only for buying but also for brand marketing. Social media now allows people to reach a great number of people that was never possible before. 

How do you manage to choose your models in order to spread better the diversity issue through your label?

For me diversity is very important because diversity IS our world. Our world is a reflection of diverse individuals from many different places and backgrounds. My label will always be a reflection of diversity, inclusion, and our world.



What do you think is the biggest challenge regarding your work?

Quite honestly one of the biggest challenges regarding my work is not giving up. I think a lot of creatives, artists, and designers experience this at times. Many moments, I have wanted to throw in the towel. My inner drive, belief in myself, and encouragement from certain people keep me going in the most difficult times. 

How do you think your label can play an important role in your daily client’s life?

I only hope that at the end of the day my label can provide inspiration and happiness to their lives. As a designer I always strive to create things that are different and things that leave a client’s life better and more inspired than before. As a designer I feel there is a duty to create this for them. 

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your pieces online nowadays?

The opportunity to sell pieces online is very positive for a great number of businesses, especially businesses that are just starting out because there is no longer necessarily a requirement incur the expense of a physical store front initially. Shop Aimee Nielsen here: https://aimeenielsen.com/ .

Imagine that you must write a letter to your FUTURE SELF. What would you write?

Do not give up. Trust the process. Believe in yourself.


A Tempestade, meaning ‘storm’ in Portuguese, is inspired by storms and the symbolic nature of storms.  The phases of a storm can either be taken literally for what it is or in parallel to be the catalyst for emotional damage and growth from a personal storm. This collection also draws on inspiration from the 16th and 17th centuries while paying homage to the color story of a Miami thunderstorm. The collection incorporates hand embroidery, draping, pleating, and tailoring.

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