“Clubbingcaos” was born as a desire of sharing a club culture and it’s very own dress code. In dancehall style the main objective is to show up and show off all of the insecurities and by dressing up emphasize a proper way of being and your personality. “Clubbingcaos” puts in a spotlight of a very extrovagant attitude and life style which in tricky way make it blure between a night club lights and people.

One of out main inspiration as an icon of late years after parties was Grace Jones. Her as nobody else had known how to stand out from a crowd being provocative but really gracefully, always in such a style. In one word: go big or go home. 


Photography: Luciana Lorizzo @lucianalorizzo

Photography assistant: Michele Lanzotti @arsenelanzente

Styling: Julia Wozniak @juolka00

Make-up: Victoria Pastore @vic.vanity

Model: Nancy Njoroge @nancy_n_njoroge

Agency: Boom Models @boommodels


Marica Bove @marycaos / @0331.ent / Elena Beati @elena_beati


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