MARA THE LABEL is a Los Angeles based brand founded in 2020. Inspired by vintage, London, California and nature. All pieces are designed to add fluidity and a feeling of being free – Mara translates to the sea.

The vision of the brand is to design pieces that inspire confidence and add ease into your wardrobe through luxurious fabrics that add a balance of uniqueness and wardrobe staples. The brand has an affinity for mixing prints and using various textiles and textures. All collections are limited.

MARA THE LABEL specializes in using deadstock fabric, silks and linen. Manufactured in Los Angeles. The brand is designed to be worn to stand out.


Describe yourself as a creative and how your label was born?

My first love was drawing. I liked sketching and took art classes since I was kid from drawing, pottery to sewing. When designing a collection it starts from an emotion first, creating a story, getting fabric and then developing designs. My label was born after going to fashion school and deciding I wanted to create a sustainable fashion company based in LA. I wanted my brand to embody a sense of feeling free, being at peace and confidence.

What is the most challenging issue in for an independent label ?

I think the most challenging issue for an independent label is managing all the parts of a business by yourself and the few people you’ve hired.

What’s the main impact of social media in both ways, buying and brand marketing?

I think social media, primarily Instagram is a great way to showcase your brand’s aesthetic and tell a story through imagery and video. For me, the creative process of a photoshoot is a lot of fun and really exciting when everything comes together. It’s nice to be able to share all the content on a public platform.

How do you think your label can play an important role in your daily client’s life?

My favorite thing is when I hear from client’s how they wore the dress to their birthday dinner and felt really confident and had a great night. Hearing people tell me the clothing I designed made their day special and better in some way is really rewarding. I also hear from people the excitement that the clothing is made in LA and sustainable.

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your pieces online nowadays?

I’m really lucky to have several platforms where my label is sold online. I was able to expand to Flying Solo and Wolf & Badger the past couple months.

Imagine that you must write a letter to your FUTURE SELF. What would you write?

Write down goals that are your wildest dreams, because someday you’ll achieve it with hard work.


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