Fashion: MARKO FEHER @markofeher
Photography: EDVIN KALIC @edvinkalic
Make-up: RENATA PONJEVIC @renata.ponjevic

MODELS:ANJA MEDIC JAN OSKAR IVANCIC @anjameaedic + @ossskrrr

Special thanks to: Studio Spektroom! @studio.spektroom

Like every previous collection, this one also deals with the re-examination of rules and standards. We have a “default” of who should look like and what that means and represents in society.

This is a collection that has emerged from a million questions, not answers, as has usually been the case so far.

– This is not a bridal collection, but it is.
– This is not a story about gender equality, but it is.
– This is not a story about traditional values, but it is.

And I’m still wondering, why is a man the “head” of the house?

Why do men have higher salaries for the same jobs?

Why does a man always choose and it is up to the woman to accept?

Why isn’t ok for a man to wear a corset?

Why do we have rules for what a real man and a real woman look like?

Why is up to the father to decide, when the mother’s decisions are more correct?

Why do we consider a woman strong only if she visually associates with a “man”?

Why does a real man have to have short hair, sportswear or a classic suit?

Why do we have to fit to the majority, even though we only have one life?

And the final question is: Will equality ever become a traditional value?

That is why this is a not another love story, and a bridal collection which is not.

Materials used for the collection are: cotton, satin, lace, woolen fabrics.

The collection is available on the website www.markofeher.com or on request via social media. Each piece is made to measure and does not exist in stock.


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