The Metamarketing Agency FFFACE.ME collaborated with the apparel brand FINCH to design clothes that are literally outherworldly, by giving shape to the modern dream of connecting the virtual and physical spaces. In a mix of physical convenience and virtual extensions, the T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are able to stir up reactions in the digital space. Considering that social media has become the leading space for fashion experience, the creators have built the concept around garments that are meeting the primary needs of the contemporary consumer.

FFFACE.ME is a recognized Metamarketing firm that has produced AR filters, digital clothes, virtual influencers, and a variety of Metaverse projects in the past while working with clients including Meta, Esquire, Adidas, Pepsi, and Porsche. FINCH is rooting its inspiration in the wabi-sabi aesthetic and was founded in 2013, being currently known for its interdisciplinary partnerships, art prints, and usage of AR technologies.

Their technologized capsule collection, which was recently presented at Milan Fashion Week, was created in association with seven digital artists from across the world, such as Ukrainian designer Snezhana Chernetskaya, muralist Waone Interesni kazki, and Ines Alpha. Together, they have transformed what seem to be “comfortable essentials” into animated, surprising artworks. Only through QR scans, the garments are designed to open new, instant and convenient possibilities for content creation.

The pieces, which are described as “fully-fledged fashion statements on how the future wardrobe should appear,” are even expected to be further modernized, alike any digital product. Each item is scheduled to have an extra AR layer within the next year.

“With the help of digital technology, we can be freer in our creativity, realize what goes beyond the physical capabilities of materials and give our images more meaning. This technology has no limits, so with them, fashion expands its boundaries.”

– Katerina Byakova, FINCH designer:

“In modern society, we pay more and more attention to how details in content look, and today the majority of our opinions are based on how you represent yourself on social networks, not in real life. We’ve created clothes that look spectacular where we live – online. Therefore, our AR collection is a fully-fledged fashion statement on how the future wardrobe should look, where designs are created digitally.”

– Dmitry Kornilov, co-founder and CEO at FFFACE.ME:

Words by Catinca Negut

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