“What is beautiful is not beautiful” is an editorial aimed at exalting the cult of the “ugly”, of deformity. The editorial takes its inspiration from Aesthetics of Ugly, a book written by the philosopher Rosenkranz, who attributes to ugliness the recognition of a value that is not only negative, and therefore not only as the opposition of the beautiful. Ugly has no existence in itself, but receives it from the beautiful, just as the latter cannot do without the ugly. There is only one genre that can “redeem” the ugly, and that is the “caricature”, i.e. a popular art form by virtue of which a harmony can be re-established through the overthrow of the ugly in the comic, an exaggeration of forms, capable of disfiguring them by operating as a highly dynamic factor and, thus, ugliness becomes synonymous with reality, but also with creative freedom.

Photography: Giuseppe Terrili @_giupiter

Styling: Carlotta Sellitto @carlottasellitto

Model: Chiara X @iaia.tnz

Make-up: Marta Rosselli @martarosselli_mua

Designers: Organica Estrusa @organica_estrusa, Claudia Potycki @claudiapotycki, Lorenzo Leonardi @artistotele, Sara Paduano @sarapaduano_, Filippo Barbagallo @filippobarbagallo, Bludiblu @bludiblu_official, Irene Bruscoli @irenebruscoli, Kasei Archive @kaseiarchive, Gauhar Ali @gauharaliofficial, Eleonora Giorgiutti @elegiorgiutti

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