In the noisy, aggressive, pounding and rumbling times we live in, the minds and bodies of our generation often get lost in the stream of today’s frantic lifetime. 

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded and overwhelmed with information, pressure, and anxiety so much so that we abandon ourselves to excesses as a relief valve in an attempt to stay afloat. It seems almost as if half measures aren’t allowed. We need a frenetic story, delirious passions, feverish dreams, to push ourselves to out limit, go all-in and end up in an overdose. 

Intransigence and overindulgence have become contemporary values- manifestations of strong and relevant personalities; whilst condescension is a virtue that belongs to those who don’t know which side to be on, it is of those who are lost, those who abstain, and those who lead an empty and boring life. 

This is how self-destructing coping mechanisms, addiction, hyper-connectivity, hedonism and greed all become forms of expressing one’s essence, and one’s person. 

The consequence of this is an immediate satisfaction followed by an extreme sense of alienation and loneliness. Because every excess is toxic, like a double-edged weapon it sinks us, making us lose sight of ourselves; like a centrifugal force it pushes away what surrounds us.

With this project, my intention is to portray these minds, giving a voice to those who struggle to keep pace with society’s rhythm by living as machines or as party animals, between a sleepless night and a passive day. Minds whose body functions through infinite amounts of burned tobacco, living their life through a screen and trying to get to the last pill (I swear this time!).

Words by Livia Valenti

Creative Direction – Emma Mollo

Styling – Tiana Hsu

Photography – Sophia French

Make-up – Julia Kuzmenko + Hair Stylist – Hasan Sahin

Talents – Alice represented by Storm Models, Em, Jack.

Photography assistant – Luke Regan

Sheer pants – stylist’s own Skirt – COS Top – Areline

Black hooded set – Erika Kajia
Top Hannes

Necro suit jacket, trousers and shirt – Joe Adeo

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