1. Rigid division or split in two parts
  2. In philosophy, the logical derivation from a concept of two new concepts, which exhaust the extension o f the first.

Matilde and Marika: two young women, dichotomous declination of the female matrix.

The betrayal of archetypes, the sophisticated and brazen ostentation of the contemporary feminine.

A narration made up of contrasts: where the shadow blurs boundaries, the light tells of possibilities

Art Direction: Simone Marigliano + Alessandro Chelazzi @simonemariglianostudio @alessandro.chelazzi

Photography: Simone Marigliano @simonemariglianostudio 

Styling: Alessandro Chelazzi @alessandro.chelazzi 

Styling assistant: Francesca Chiara Conte @_de_me_tra_

Make-up: Mariangela Salvati @mariangelasalvati_mua 

Hair style: Gianni Crispino @gianni.crispino

Models: Marika + Matilde  @vanalya.lure @pragueminiscule   

Light designer: Dimitri Tetta 

Assistant: Rosario Imparato @beat.rotaio 

Location: Nostos Teatro @nostos.teatro 

 FASHION powered by Alessandro Chelazzi @alessandro.chelazzi , 0770 @_0770_ , Exxxential @e.x.x.x.e.n.t.i.a.l , Maison close @maison_close , Generazione Zordan @generazionezordan

blazer: archive vintage Armani @armani thong: Maison close @maison_close, experimental corset 0770 @ _0770_ Choker: Generazione Zordan @generazionezordan

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