This project was created to portray a different vision of the denim. The classical use of clothes is gone. It is replaced by a stylistic approach based on mid-70s punk culture. Skirts and pants are used out of its own typical function and reflect a ready-made feeling.

We encourage people to break out from ordinary life with creativity even if it’s a celebration of freedom, a state of mind, a taste of something new or something different.

Photography: Alice Consonni @aliceconsonny

Styling: Amogha Salike @amoghasalike

Make-up + hair: Nicole Sorti @nicolesorti_makeup

Model: Annu Ryhanen @annuryhanen

Assistant Stylist: Ilia Shustikov @Iliashustikov

Maxi Skirt as dress:

Jacket as skirt: Fade out Label – Jeans 1 as top: Fade out Label – Jeans 2 attached: No Brand

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