words + interview by Natalia Perez Linde

Cloé Xhauflaire is an actress and acting coach originally from Belgium, where she studied theatre at The Royal Drama Conservatory in Brussels.

Cloé has worked with many directors and is the founder of her own theatre company. She has many credits across the board for her work in films, television, commercials and theatre in Belgium, France and the United States. She is proud of her never-ending curiosity about the craft of acting and has furthered her training with some of the best teachers in the world, including Susan Batson, Larry Moss and Anthony Abeson.

Before creating ‘ACT INeverywhere’ in 2019, Cloé mastered her teaching skills while training hundreds of actors as a LEAD COACH AT THE SUSAN BATSON STUDIO FOR 7 YEARS! She is now acting, teaching, living, and pursuing her dreams as an international artist with the privilege of holding acting workshops throughout the world, in cities like Paris, Rome, Madrid, Milan, Namur, Lausanne, Barcelona, Mallorca, Berlin, Brussels and New York. As of 2022, Cloé is a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH which enhances her ability to guide actors and artists towards their personal and creative freedom.

I’m here to help you overcome your obstacles and unleash your true potential. You are your greatest asset as an actor, and I want to help you tap into your authentic power. By working together, we’ll get in the trenches and identify what’s holding you back. I’ll help you be more natural, really listen, and trust your instincts. You’ll come alive in a way that you never thought possible.

– Cloé Xhauflaire


Who is Cloé Xhauflaire and how ActInEverywhere was born?

I am a Belgian-American actress, acting coach, and life coach. After working in Europe for 10 years, I decided to pursue training in the United States and Australia to improve my skills.
It was during that time that I was fortunate enough to become the lead coach at the Susan Batson Studio. Susan is well-known for working with famous actors like J. Binoche, N. Kidman, and Lady Gaga. I had the privilege of learning from her and collaborating for over 7 years.

This experience was incredibly valuable and inspired me to create my own company, Actineverywhere, 5 years ago. 

How would you describe ‘the method’ used as part of your workshop in a few words? What to expect in one of your workshops?

I believe that an actor’s greatest asset is the freedom to be themselves. Being free means expressing oneself fully and authentically without limitations. Act IN assists actors in overcoming obstacles and blockages in various contexts such as on camera, on set, on stage, or during auditions. Challenges arise when facing these obstacles and striving for authenticity. They can manifest as self-doubt, fear, past traumas, or societal pressures. Confronting inner conflicts and healing emotional wounds is crucial. Through specific exercises, actors will embrace their authentic power.

As simple as it may sound, this journey requires persistence, determination, and courage. It leads to transformative performances and a profound sense of fulfilment, allowing actors to be natural, attentive listeners, instinctive reactors, and to trust their inner voice.

When actors fearlessly explore their identities, they bring a captivating presence to the stage or screen. This freedom also inspires them to break free from personal limitations and embrace authenticity in all aspects of life. Whether in artistic endeavours or everyday life, this method offers a pathway to personal liberation, empowering individuals to live fully and authentically. 

Who is your main audience? Are also non-actor/actresses a good fit in your workshops? Does someone with no experience can join your workshop?

While my primary focus is on working with actors, I also collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to personal liberation. This includes fashion designers, photographers, models, singers, and more. When working with non-actors, I make slight adjustments to accommodate their specific needs, but the underlying work of freeing oneself remains the same for every individual. 

I particularly enjoy working with new actors as they bring inspiration and a sense of innocence that can be lost in more experienced performers. Connecting with them brings me joy and allows for a refreshing exchange of energy. 

In May 2022 you became a certified life coach (Act In your life!), how does this new personal achievement interact with ActIn Everywhere?

I strongly believe that the human and the actor cannot be separated. We draw upon our true selves in our craft. The more authentic we are, the better we can utilize our instrument to perform. That’s why I decided to become a life coach, motivated by my curiosity to explore the technique and gain a deeper understanding through conducting my own research.I also wanted to clarify the distinction between therapy and coaching. Personal development has always held a strong fascination for me, which led me to dive into numerous books that support my work with actors. Seeking additional training allowed me to acquire more tools, and it brings me great joy to help more people discover their inner strength through this knowledge. 

Tell me about your experience with French actress Philippine Leroy Beaulieu. How was preparing her for the character role as Sylvie Grateau in the popular show ‘Emily in Paris’? 

Philippine was not satisfied with the way her career was progressing at that time, and she felt a bit lost. However, what made her remarkable was her approach to a workshop. Despite her experience, she participated in the workshop just like any young actor, fully engaging in the exercises with humility and passion.

Then, unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and we had to go into lockdown. But that didn’t stop us. I started doing online classes with actors, and Philippine joined in. She was there for almost every class, constantly working on her craft and adapting her approach.

During that time, Philippine got the audition for “Emily in Paris”. We worked together on her reading, and she got the part! Since then, we’ve stayed connected and worked closely. Whenever she has auditions or needs to prepare for anything, we work together. Our professional relationship has grown into a wonderful friendship. 

What does ‘training your instrument’ mean in the actor slang, is it a freeing feeling, creativity exploration, authenticity search or all together?

Yes, it means everything. “Your instrument” refers to all of you—your body, your mind, and your ability to use them effectively. 

You worked 6 years training hundreds of actors as a lead coach at the Susan Batson studio prior enrolling in Act In Everywhere adventure, what was the main lesson learnt after such an experience?

TRUTH is everything. 

Are you able to ‘see through’ those who want to unleash their full potential and provide the resources? Or have you ever found a blocker in some of your students? 

I’ve always been able to help actors who are open to receiving support. The only challenge that can’t be overcome is when an actor doesn’t want to change. It’s natural to feel fear, but ego needs to be set aside temporarily. That’s the game.

I’m aware that actors attend my workshop because they seek transformation. I’m honest about my approach. So, if an actor isn’t willing to make an effort, they probably won’t even reach out to me. 

There are plenty of booking success post of your students displayed in your feed, how do you feel once you heard one of your students was successfully picked for a play you prepared them for? 

Pure joy. Even though I’m not a mother, when I work with actors, all I want is for them to succeed. It brings me a deep sense of satisfaction because I know how hard they work. I’m always very happy for them. 

Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, New York, Verona, Rome, Lausanne, Brussels…different locations, same workshop and method. Do you find different results in these locations even applying the same ‘method’? Any new destination you would like to add to the list?

Next on my agenda are London, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Tokyo holds a prominent place on my to-do list too. 🙂 

Combining her education and experience from Europe and the Susan Batson Studio with her personal approach to actors, she offers guidance in freeing your instrument and mastering your uniqueness. She is now acting, teaching, living, and pursuing her dreams as an international artist with the privilege of holding acting workshops throughout the world, in cities like Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Belgium and New York.


Dates: May 29-30-31 – June 1-2

Location: Casa Shakespeare, Vicolo Satiro 8, Verona, Italy

To confirm your spot, please email with your resume, including headshot.

June 3rd – BONUS DAY

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity! Prior to the commencement of the program, it is mandatory for all participants to sign a waiver. During the program, Cloe herself will be interviewed about her groundbreaking work, innovative methodology, and the intercontinental journey between Europe and America that has influenced her approach to acting. In addition, selected actors will participate in live scene and camera work under her guidance. The recorded footage will be utilized in Cloe’s online acting program and for actors seeking to explore her methodology. We invite those who are interested in this unique opportunity to participate. Furthermore, a Q&A session will be held to provide participants with the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the program.



words + interview by Natalia Perez Linde

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