Converse is gearing up for wet-weather conditions with the launch of the MC18 Collection.

For the latest collection from Converse, the brand looks back to their originals roots as the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, established in 1908. The utilitarian and functional history at the core of Converse has dictated the direction of the Mountain Club collection, seeing the Chuck Taylor All Star, One Star, and Fastbreak reinterpreted with GORE-TEX.

The models on offer come made up in a super-wearable palette of black, white, and tan.

Check out the Converse Mountain Club 18 Collection below:

DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000062950003DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000062960007DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063040001DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063080009DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063120004DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063120006DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063130001DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063130002DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063130003DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063130005DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063180001DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063180005DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063200001DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063200004DR_Converse MC18_Edits-000063200010

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