Sasha Belyaeva represents the new Alternative. In her first EP, Greatest Illusion, Sasha communicates a clear rebellion to mainstream popular music. With ethereal vocals that wave between aggressive synth and bass, listeners have compared Sasha to such Idols as Liz Fraser, Madonna, and Bjork.

Our contributor, Denise, had a chance to sit with Sasha for an exclusive interview for 33 MAGAZINE. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 12.30.06 PM

Tell us about your new project that will release on August 23rd, we listened to it, and we’re really impressed on how experimental it was.

Sasha Belyaeva: There was a lot of experimenting, so surely you’re getting the point. This EP is really my first whisper into the mainstream scene, it’s my first hello to my fans.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 12.32.25 PM

How do you feel you differentiate from other artists? Why is this important to you to? 

Sasha Belyaeva: May I be frank? I’d like to say that my work is original, but more important; I’m not outrageous. There’s a dignity that everyone on my team has, and as the leader this starts with me. I won’t be over-sold, or devalued creatively to sell in the short term. This is why we put out Greatest Illusion independent. I wanted my first release to be mine. Not my vision and voice; translated by a label.
Whatever happens forwerd, I can say that I my first release was a moment in my own mind, and that I had the courage to release it on my own to the public.
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 12.30.52 PM

Have you always felt a sense of rebellion amongst mainstream media? 

Sasha Belyaeva: Rebellion, yes. But in the form of individuation, if that makes sense. You can only be your self and not bend. This is an act of rebellion.

Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 12.32.05 PM

What do you wish to convey through your music? Do you feel your message goes beyond music? 

Sasha Belyaeva: Yes absolutely, so much so that I’ve started my own media platform, fourthturning(link). We are covering and interviewing cultural change makers from all facets of society; from inspiring to intimidating. My message is one that’s plain, if you are free to your will, you should have a platform to spread your message.

Tell us more about your talent management company, Lead+Develop.

Sasha Belyaeva: Well… Lead+Develop is the future. It’s where change is cultivated and risk is rewarded. 
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