From ‘Simon Cracker’s Little Dictionary’:

#PUNKINDNESS – in the world of today is more punk to say ‘thank you ’than ‘fuck you’. This is Simon Cracker’s philosophy. In a world where who shouts louder wins the truly disruptive elements today are authenticity and consciousness: aunties, hugs and laces that wrap up deliciously boring things. The ‘destroy ’and ‘do it yourself ’roots of punk are alive, but in a more conscious and kind way, even referencing the cuddly and tender Kawaii world and child- like graffiti.

The ‘Punkindness’ capsule collection tells the story of a somewhat shy ‘Cracker boy’ in a cosy and messy environment in which he blends through tailored suits never collected back from old dry cleaners and male’s wardrobe archetypes deconstructed and reconstructed in a crude but at the same time paradoxically delicate way. Punkindness, as well as being a state of mind becomes a true ‘manifesto’ garment on sweatshirts. The ‘SIMON CRACKER MILANO – white cotton shirt with logo ‘is the ironic interpretation of the logo obsession that pollutes creativity so much today.

CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES: Simon Cracker PHOTO: Gianmarco Ollio
STYLING: Filippo Leone Maria Biraghi
VIDEO: Simone Botte

CRACKER BOY: Francesco Imbert

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