The “ACID EFFECT” editorial is a work I made in collaboration with my younger brother last December. This project is an extension of what negative emotions make me feel, it’s a sort of psychedelic journey through my mind. I struggled a lot with mental health in the past years especially while I was embracing my passion for fashion and photography. I had the possibility to attend a fashion school and follow my dreams but, at the same time, problems were still there, a mix of positive and negative feelings was leading me.

“ACID EFFECT” represents the extension of my thoughts, my creativity, my struggles and so a  sort of extension of myself too. 

Creative direction + styling + photography: Rachele Chiappini @rachelechi_

Model: Davide Chiappini

Fashion powered by:

Farnia Salim: @_farnia_s

Stefanie Rikie: @stefanie_rikie

Lilliana Noor Ammann: @lilliana.ammann

Alisa Kosiborod: @peacho_ot

Sara Böhm: @sara.bohm

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