The project was shot in Tokyo and the photographer played with a lot of overexposed blur. Kind of switching between playful and fearful expressions, coming out with something a little maniac and full of energy. 

Photography: Audrey Gretz @luftmenschx

Styling: Marin @marincyorin

Model: Saya Bellamy @saya__bellamy__

Make up: Eriko Mori @eriko_mr

Hair: Saiko Hayashi @saikoohayashi

Audrey Gretz is a film photographer and collage artist living in Tokyo. Although born in Okinawa, Japan she grew up mainly in North Carolina. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, she moved to Tokyo and began working as a photo studio assistant. Her photographs and collages have been published by magazines such as Gucci’s CHIME, ANON Magazine, and Atlantis. She is always curious about the relationships between gender, identity, and culture, and is constantly exploring the emotional connectivities that art provides. She aspires to one day own a black cat named Jiji.

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