The 59th edition of Moda Lisboa entitled “Oasis” has been held at Lisboa Social Mitra, the Social Innovation space of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, from 6th to 9th of October 2022. Contrasting reality with the concept of an ‘Oasis’ in a witty way, it merged the two into a location worth the Portuguese talent that was showcased during the four days. There even was a chapel in the production room (or so the rumor had it).  

“The search for answers defines us since we know ourselves as Humanity. We have crossed the doors of philosophy, concrete sciences, technology – even in alchemy we have already dived headfirst. And we ask questions after questions: about climate urgency, about fallible political systems in light of human rights, about a Fashion industry so global that resists transition. And the more we advance and the more we ask, the more we find the freedom of identity. But revelation is a phased phenomenon. And we all need a refuge while crossing.”

Sangue Novo

Sangue Novo is the young designers competition of Lisboa Fashion Week. It works closely with all Fashion schools in the country to find and promote the work of young creatives. As always the new talents show is always the one that we, at 33 Magazine, are looking forward to. It could be encapsulated as the opportunity to showcase the pinnacle of one’s creativity and individual point of view without the restraints of commerciality.

 This season the 10 young designers are: Çal Pfungst, Darya Fesenko, Eduardo Moreira, Flourish Society, Ines Barreto, Malteza, Maria Do Carmo Studio, MOLLY98, Niuka Oliveira and Veehana. On October 7th after several mentoring sessions with the panel of judges, the young creators presented their collections to the public. 

From Miguel Flor Archives moment of celebration of 20 years since the last Miguel Flor presentation at ModaLisboa to a Symbolism, cosmology and hieroglyphs filled discourse about the interrelation of nature and ourselves presented by Kolovrat. Embracing his heritage, Filipe Augusto’s collection developed from a contemporary perspective of some elements of traditional Portuguese clothing, with details that focus on buttoning using knots. Call me Gorgeous by Luis Borgeous has both celebrated new beginnings and the power of movement based communication, testing the direct correlation between body and emotion. Ending it all with a environmental experience staged by Joao Magalhaes, reminiscent of the narrative that a brand is not only its products but its own universe.  These are just a few of the glistening moments that stood out to us during the 59th edition of Moda Lisboa.

Below we selected our favorite backstage moments shot by Luís Gala.

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