Her, anchored to the punk world. Him, soft childish. Two opposite personalities drawn to each other like magnets, they can’t help staying close to each other. Two people with different attitudes, lifestyles and behaviors, who are not scared about the gap among light and darkness , re- ady to overcome their own limits by merging them into a unique reality. Two realities that coexist and mix together. Two fundamental principles in a mutual, complementary or opposite connection. (The) dualism.

Styling + art direction: Melissa Brollo @melissa_brollo

Photography: Cate Colapietro @cateh__ + Michele Fogazzi @fogazzim

Make-up: Letizia Longo @oblak.mua

Hair: Maria Isopo @imsaorpioa at Pro*lab Milano @prolabmilano

Francesco Arreghini @frenkiino at @independent_mgmt + Martina Bardelli @martybardelli

Videomaker + colorists: Gabriele Savino @gabrielesavino + Fabio Canniello @weapty

Sound design: Giuseppe Ventola @pentolaa

Crop top: Simon Cracker

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