Cuccurucucù is a process of personal growth and links between present and past; this is how the stylist + creative director wanted to make her debut in the world of publishing.

Cuccurucucù is an invisible thread.

Cuccurucucù is a matryoshka song, and this is the key she has chosen to give to her story, to which she has associated a new meaning all her own. 

Thus, by impersonating Cuccurucucù, he has recounted his own existence, growth and journey in the art of visual culture and fashion. He says that this song is one of the first he heard, but one that he continues to listen to today and that it indirectly helped shape his aesthetic.

Cuccurucucù is not just a song, but a coming-of-age novel about life.

Cuccurucucù is a tribute to the great Maestro Battiato.

words by Carlotta Vetralla


Art Direction and Styling: Carlotta Vetralla @carlottavetralla_portfolio@carlottavetralla

Photography: Matteo Delli Colli @matteo_delli_colli

Model: Anastasia Sapun @ana_stasya_sapun at Independent Model Management @independent_mgmt

Make-up + hair: Benedetta D’Alessandro @benedetta.mua

Fashion Credits:

– Anna Balsamo @lanuzka + Veronica Cordioli @veronicacordioli + Sara Böhm @sara.bohm
– Marco Bucchi @_ocramarco_
– Yuning Hung @yuningeatingworld

– Elisa Nicoloso @sourlyblond
– Chiara Panno @chia_p99
– Selcen Turkmen @selcenturkmen – Hand Made by Carlotta Vetralla
– Stylist’s Archive


I.T.E.S. Aldo Pasoli, Verona

Machete Capelli & Barba, Verona @macheteveronabarbershop

MOODART studios @moodart_fashion_communication

Props: Montblanc Muses Line Greta Garbo Special Edition Fountain Pen and Indian Ink by Lo Scrittoio, Verona @loscrittoio

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