Photography: Clemens Klenk @clemensklenk

Styling: Eve Chen @eveeeeeec

Models: Lea Dewouters @lea.dewouters at Metropolitan Models + Georgia Polks @georgiapolks

Make-up: Océane Susini @oceanesusini

Production: Alik Onno @alikonno

earrings La Môme bijoux, top Victoria Tomas, skirt Victoria Tomas

blazer Sandro, dress Givenchy, corset Archive

shirt Ujoh, skirt Güc, earrings Marc Deloche, body MISBHV

blazer Benjamin Glassner, earrings Marc Deloche

Blouse Garcone Studio, corset Pinko, bottom archive

blazer Benjamin Glassner, dress Victoria Tomas

top Benjamin Glassner, dress Youssef Chehab

blazer Güc, shirt archive, skirt Güc, earrings Marc Deloche

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