The fashion bags brand LA FESTIN held its launch day of the new collection collaborate with artist IUU  ” Woo Yoo ” on 18th Nov 2022 in Milan, Italy.

Artists journalists and editors gathered at the scene to share the lovely vision of “post-traumatic healing design” and Woo Yoo’s worry-free collection in a super-healing lovely space and artistic atmosphere. The balloon installation created a space which full of vitality. Through the colorful interactive installations, it represents the cuteness of the brand philosophy.

The new collection collaborate with IUU  ” Woo Yoo ” is the latest ” Healing ” launched by LA FESTIN. 

“Woo Yoo” in Chinese represents “无忧” has the meaning ” carefree, and no worry “. LA FESTIN has done in-depth thinking in the direction of ” post-traumatic healing ” combined with the key IP image of ” Lapins Woo Yoo ” created by IUU, in response to some depressed emotions brought by the epidemic. This new collection has brought a messages by the body movement to people that : Happiness will never end, so never stop being happy and lets jump!

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