Enriching & Empowering – L’Agence FW23 Presentation

Rich colors, layered textures, and a range of era-inspired looks were presented in a perfectly matched setting of the Bowery Hotel by the womenswear and lifestyle brand, L’Agence. One of the highly attended presentations at the start of fashion week, Fashion Director Tara Rudes Dann showcased a collection that was a balance of California energy with French elegance. 

Models posed in warm fall colors, dramatic coats, and suiting in a variety of textures, materials, layers and structure. Throughout the two part presentation, silhouettes from 70s and 80s fashion trends had a strong presence. Modern trends could be seen in the range of feminine suiting, bright pops of color, and layering. An element of sexy was present in every look, from plunging necklines, to strategic draping/cut-outs as well as clinging fabrics. Looks for day as well as evening had a fashion forward presence without being too loud or too formal. 

Photography: Victoria Bruno, https://www.victoriabrunostudios.com

Words by Mariele Marki

Location: Bowery Hotel | PR Firm: Purple PR | Fashion Director: Tara Rudes Dann

Commentary from Fashion Director Tara Rudes Dann

“The woman is our muse, and we are a lifestyle brand. Energy is the common denominator and dressing her from the minute she wakes up to when she wakes up the next day, and giving her that opportunity to be a chameleon. At L’Agence we want to make sure we wardrobe her for every occasion.

You’ll see beautiful vibrant colors like the cobalt blue, amazon green, the bright mustard, and pinks along with brown and neutrals tying the collection together

Th creative process for our collections starts with thinking about what the modern woman needs in her closet to evolve from what she already has. It’s about the California woman, aspiring for the Parisian runway shows, then getting dressed and having that feeling.”

Standouts – Positive

The blazers. Balanced Prints & Textures. Military style jackets. Layered leather. Sexy Suiting.

Colors: Mustard Yellow, Turquoise, Teal, Brown Sequin, Candy Red, Velvet Florals, White Boots 

Standouts – Negative

The black lace tights. Chunky hardware with knits. The micro-mini lace cocktail dress.

Colors: Magenta, Black Lace & Sequins

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