ALL BENEATH HEAVEN “PROLOGUE” The Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Photography: Victoria Bruno,

Jimmy Alexander is a self-taught designer from East Sussex, England. He currently lives in Los Angeles. 

Jimmy graduated with a joint honors degree in Drama & Theatre Studies and Media, Culture & Society from the University of Birmingham. Following the views of others that he wasn’t a creative, Jimmy explored careers in advertising and entertainment management. But shutting out this creative voice led to a breaking point. Upon a moment of reflection and self-re-evaluation, Jimmy decided to follow his instinct and embrace his creativity. He tried acting for a year then moved to LA to lead brand and culture for a music and art festival.

Emboldened by his new creative footing, Jimmy came to the realization that he had the answer all along; he ascertained how to express himself. The way he dresses affects his mood and his outward demeanor. He realized he could apply his taste, values and perspective in an industry that aligns to his singular vision. Fashion offers a rare opportunity (a little like music), where one can create a world. Further, in that world, the product and brand can be two sides of the same coin. He began creating the world of “all beneath heaven” in May of 2020.

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