Dimitry Loiseau is a commercial and fashion photographer whose work has been seen in fashion publications, advertising campaigns and album covers. Dimitry is originally from New York and now resides in Los Angeles. His French and West Indies roots, as well as his extensive travels has helped him to be well versed in other areas of photography.

Dimitry has provided photography for commercial clients, celebrity portraiture, and travel destinations. His work has been featured in various media outlets that include Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Glamour, ELLE, People Magazine, NY Post and more!  

His purpose is to capture the essence of his subjects through the medium of photography using his attention to detail and efficient work ethic. Dimitry currently serves as the Creative Director & Chief Editor for Regard Magazine, a celebrity fashion & lifestyle digital publication, in which he co-founded. 

Some of the celebrity talent that he’s photographed include Paris Hilton, Brian Tyree Henry, Octavia Spencer, Meghan Markle, Regina King, Sarah Wayne Callies, Derek Fisher, Roselyn Sanchez, Sterling K. Brown, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Taryn Manning, Tricia Helfer, and Keke Palmer.


Tell us a little bit about yourself as a creative, including what photography means for you.   

As a creative, I really want to make a difference, make a positive impact and inspire others. Most of us are visual, and so creating images that can a profound effect on people is important to me. Photography is so powerful. It brings people together, it can be a conversation starter, it can create memories or recall them. So, I don’t take this lightly. I’m really thoughtful about the images I take. What I do is by design. I enjoy collaborating with people and providing my subjects with direction. I don’t like to shoot a lot of frames. I’m more methodical in my approach. I enjoy seeing people’s reactions when they see how I captured them, how I captured the essence of who they are, especially if they’ve never seen themselves that way. That is truly satisfying and brings me joy. 

What makes your photography so unique?

I really do feel it’s in my approach to the shoot. I endeavor to forge a connection with whomever I’m shooting in order to build trust. Because once the trust is built, that’s when you get the best out of someone. Also, my direction is clear and precise. I have found that people feel more confident when you know exactly what you want as a photographer. It puts them as ease, not having to guess at what is needed for the shoot. This applies to a seasoned professional or someone who’s getting their photos taken for the first time. The experience that I create contributes to an enjoyable environment for all involved. 

As a visual director, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

I draw inspiration from people and places. Whether I’m watching films, especially period pieces, or I’m traveling somewhere and observing people on the streets, the fashion, the architecture and lifestyle. All of these things out my brain in overdrive. There will be one or more aspects of these things that I will want to incorporate into my next photoshoot. 

Considering the new industry of social media, do you think that labels from the fashion industry give less importance to photography as visual communication? 

That’s a tough question but I will say yes and no. There will always be brands, whether large or small where photography is of the utmost importance, no matter the cost. And then, there’s the opposite where some brands are willing to sacrifice quality photography for the sake of cutting costs. I can’t say whether it’s wrong or right, but I will say that if you want to communicate to your audience or customers, having quality images will convey the right message. 

How important is technology in the photography industry and how do you see the future? 

Technology has leveled the playing the field. It has allowed many creatives to get into the business at a lower cost for equipment and tools needed for the work we do. And that’s absolutely amazing! On the other hand, technology has also made it seem very easy to master the craft. I personally use all tools available at my disposal. There are times when I need to shoot with a medium format camera and at other times, a DSLR camera. And still, there are times where smartphones can be used to capture images/ video. But, it’s important for people to know that it’s not just about the equipment, it’s about the person and their eye, behind the equipment. This is what makes a difference and separates professionals from amateurs. 

That being said, the future is bright with respect to photography. Cameras are faster and there are more apps available to communicate with our digital cameras, which makes things easier. It used to be where on a commercial shoot, you would need a long cable to connect your camera to the computer for the art director and others to see the shots. Now, you can wirelessly do the same thing via Bluetooth and WiFi to iPads and phones. Drones have become amazing photography tools in order to capture stills and footage from different vantage points. It’s exciting to see what else will become available to us in the coming months and years. 

Who are your favorite creatives that you would like to collaborate with? Tell us few celebrities you worked with. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the people I would have loved to photographed, have already passed. Nonetheless, on my short list of talent that I would love to work with: Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Serena Williams, Dolly Parton, Elon Musk and Bad Bunny. I know, I know, random list. But I really appreciate what each one of these individuals have contributed to their respective industries. 

Some celebrities that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph include Meghan Markle, Paris Hilton, Regina King, Octavia Spencer, and Jeffrey Wright. 

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into photography? 

Do it for the right reason. Be mindful of what your goals are. Work hard and continue to learn from others. 


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