The designer Christy Diamont loves art in general and particularly more, fashion.

”I have always loved drawing, painting, creating particular and authentic designs. After my studies, I decided to create my own brand in order to be able to give free rein to my overflowing creativity. This is how I got into entrepreneurship as an artist.”

– Christy Diamont, LUC ANGEL

Luc’Angel is a brand that produces haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing. Luc’Angel is the art of know-how; we create styles and universes specific to each person. Passionate about art for years, the pieces are unique, each new collection is refined, adding small artistic touches.


Describe yourself as a creative designer and how was the Luc’Angel brand born?

I would say I’m a free spirit and very dynamic, but also very meditative.

Luc’Angel has always been a childhood dream, I have always been passionate about fashion, after obtaining my bachelor degree, I enrolled in a fashion school here in Brussels, to connect somehow with my art, so after my studies, so I decided to create the Luc’Angel brand.

What is the most difficult challenge for a fashion designer based in Belgium?

I live in Brussels and the most difficult problem is that we lack a real support structure, of course there are some, but much more for creators who want to grow up on a national or international level and who create more ready-to-wear. Regarding designers who make tailor-made or haute couture, it’s really not easy.

I was confronted with several realities that allowed me to review and restructure my entrepreneurial project several times. My asset and true ally has always been social networks.

What is the main two-way impact of social media for your brand, shopping and brand marketing?

Social media has a huge impact on the evolution of my brand. For me they are essential and it is also thanks to these social media that I was able to publicize my work and my brand. Having several articles talking about the Luc’Angel brand further strengthens the confidence of prospects and potential customers and gives credibility to my work.

However the negative side of social media that I deplore is the hacking of accounts and scams, after several hacking attempts, they finally managed to hack my Instagram account. While he was blackmailing me, I remained very calm, out of the question of panicking. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, I know a little about computers, so I was able to recover my account very quickly after only two hours of time.

How do you manage to connect with your customers and what kind of actions do you take for that?

The majority of customers come from social media, thanks to several prospects. But also small collaborations with several blogger pages and of course collaborations with some private showrooms.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in your job?

To succeed in standing out, to succeed in making your work known, to succeed in making a small place for yourself. It’s such a competitive environment, but also very closed, talent is not enough, you really have to put your hands in the dough.

You have to be disciplined, rigorous, and very creative.

How do you think fashion weeks can play an important role for Luc’Angel?

The fashion weeks play a big role for Luc’Angel, because its more credibility for the brand. But also opens several doors. As a designer, it’s an unmissable event, it’s the accomplishment of silk, the result of her work, her hard work. After working for months to create a collection, and then come and present the result in front of an expert, knowledgeable audience, to be congratulated for that, it’s really incredible. This moment is magical.

It’s a form of approval, confirmation, personal satisfaction, it’s a victory that we celebrate.

What was the most difficult problem for Luc’Angel during the pandemic and how did you overcome it? How has the fashion industry changed after the pandemic?

The biggest challenge was to reinvent yourself, to recreate or readapt a new way of communicating, of working, a new way of looking at things… We also had to break or overcome this routine and monotonous side. It was not at all obvious. However the positive side was to be surrounded by his family, and to have a great time.

Imagine you have to write a letter to your FUTURE SELF. What would you write?


First of all I would like to congratulate you, BRAVO.

Never forget what you went through to get here. Always keep your feet on the ground and above all always keep your children’s heart and your very creative side.

Don’t forget your values ​​and your principles, remember that you are surrounded by beautiful people, when you spend gray days, always look at things from another angle, to see the positive side. make the most of every moment, you deserve it.

celebrate each of your small victories, because thanks to your determination, your courage, you got there. WELL DONE.

I like you.


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