When the family of a kid hides his dog’s death from him, the older brother takes the kid on a brutal journey through the grieving process.


“- In the long run, everything dies, your dog as well.”

“These lines from Arssalendo’s track Quattro Pareti inspired me in drafting the idea for this narrative music video.

Even if the film does have a music video “shape”, for me and Arssalendo, the artist and main actor of this film, it is actually a real passion project and a short film.

No one really commissioned it, this project was just born by me and Alessandro (Arssalendo) meeting, appreciating each other’s work, talked a bit, realizing we had the same imaginary, the same background, and the same references. And the same will to do something together.

This story talks about the painful theme of the elaboration of mourning, at an age where one does not yet have the tools and experience to deal with loss. A fundamental role is played by an adult world that doesn’t deal with the natural and merciless flow of life. In the crossover between the languages of short film and music video, a deep and desperate affection, the frustration of a lie, and the difficulty of saying goodbye are explored. 

This short film, written together with Tobia Rossi, co-produced by Illmatic Film Group, was shot on 16mm film by Francesca Pavoni as director of photography, in my childhood places: a quiet little town suburb above Varese, in the North of Italy, and the wilds around it. 

No animals were killed or injured in the realization of this film.”

-Giada Bossi

Our fashion film editor + contributor, Niccolò Montanari, had an exclusive interview with Giada Bossi x 33 Magazine

What was your inspiration?

For Quattro Pareti, for sure, the track was a significant trigger itself. Its structure and its lines were already resonating with me. Then Alessandro (Arssalendo) and I started sharing common experiences, stories from our past, and references, coming of age books, films, and short films. The idea was already in the song that says, “in the long run, everything dies, your dog as well.” So we started from there. Then the project got a twist together with Tobia Rossi, friend and co-writer. Working with him took it to a more straightforward and profound level.

What tips do you have to those starting off in the industry?

I think the main tip would be to shoot shoot shoot, learn as much as you can from every set, try to do your personal projects in every way you can, and build a portfolio as close to your taste and vision as possible. It is an industry that evaluates what you already did to give you further projects. So be picky, hide what you don’t like, and show what you will keep doing.

What was the biggest challenge in the production?

In our case, we had a hard time as an indie production following continuity with challenging weather. We need to squeeze a lot in 3 days and always be ready to revise plans and try to keep the narrative priority in mind.

What is one thing you would like to direct in the future?

A lot of things. 🙂 I think “narrative” is more the dimension I would love to explore, whatever length. I have an entire folder of projects I would love to direct and see getting to life—less empty adv and a more meaningful project, I would say.

How do you ensure your work gets seen?

I think festivals and online showcases are more and more important to give your work visibility. Some are really expensive, some more achievable but in general totally worth keeping a slice of the budget for the “distribution.” In particular, if it is a video you invested a lot in, where it is harder to spend more money on festivals thinking about what you could have done with them instead, it is there that it is worth it.




Quattro Pareti – Arssalendo

Director // Giada Bossi

Screenplay // Giada Bossi e Tobia Rossi

Director of photography // Francesca Pavoni

Producer // Giada Bossi e Jacopo Pica, Illmatic Film Group


Giulio Vaccaro e Arssalendo

Sara Paganelli

Mario Dama

Adam Idali

Omar Naim

Enrico Di Rosa

Producer // Victoria Rabbogliatti & Paco Bonelli

1st AD // Lisa Valcarenghi

Producer @Illmatic Film Group // Irene Cocola

PA // Daniele Pellegrini

Runner // Simone Campagna

Wardrobe // Aurora Zaltieri

Makeup // Alessandra Andreotti

Production design // Luigi Carlo De Pascalis

Production design assistant // Ailen Ronchetti

Focus puller // Jonas Ongaro

Loader // Arturo Brunetti

Camera assistant // Pasquale Proto

Gaffer // Giovanni Sacchi

Electrician // Gaetano Gagliardi

Key grip // Giacomo Colombo

Sound recording // Paula Ferri Carazo

Sound design // Arssalendo e Mark Ceiling

Editing // Filippo Patelli

Color correction // Orash Rahnema

Props // Alberto Michelon, Animal Factor Studio


Equipement // Panalight Milano

Film development // Movie and Sound Firenze

Transports // Preda e van4you

No animals were harmed, killed or injured for the realization of this film.

We deeply thank

Comune di Cunardo, Sara Caputo, Pinuccia Mandelli, Giovanni Crotti, Fabrizio Laudi, Ambrogio Guali, Antonella e Rosy della Casa dei Cagnolini di Cunardo, Irene Belluzzi, Monica Mazzoleni Moroni, Angela Iemmo, Valeria Pini, Sara Barbara, Silvia Rusconi Rebellato, Patrizia Rebellato, Margò Volo, Roberto Bossi, La Vecchia Cunardo, Stefano Bossi, Stefania Chiodini, Joshua Bossi, Sara Zanotti, Simone Andina, Lorena Bossi, Silvano Colucci, Claudio Bossi, Serena Castiglioni, Comune di Cassano Valcuvia, Miriam Piccolino, Paolo Sartorio and all the people that kindly helped us in any tiny detail of this project.

A big hug to Giuli

Shot on Kodak 16mm

“Quattro pareti” by Arssalendo

Written and produced by Alessandro Catalano

Mix // Mark Ceiling

Master // Mago del blocco

Recorded @ torbido Studio

Label // GRAZIE1000

Press office // Cecilia Esposito

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