Photography + Graphic Design: @eddy_espinoza

Creative direction + styling:  @tinoportillo

Model: @brailin_campuzano

Hair-style:  @karime_gomez21

Make-up:  @marco.casasola

Assistant styling: @marianita_mondragon

Assistant photography:  @soymanuuuuuuu

Dress: @angelgrave_official Jacket and bag: @jerorosas Skirt and choker: @bimbaylola Shoes: @colectivocreativomoda

Dress: @jerorosas Shoes: @colectivocreativomoda earrings: @denisemarchebout

Dress: @saloshayo, Shirt: , boots: @cruda_cruda, chofer: @bimbaylola, tie: @ferragamo

Dress ad shirt:, tie @ferragamo, choker: @viviennewestwood

Jacket and trouser: , shirt: @denisemarchebout, choker: _carpanegra_ , Shoes: @colectivocreativomoda

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