”The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come.”

A project by the students of MOODART fashion + communication school.

STYLING: Eleonora Defranceschi @eledefra_12, Melissa Gentili @melissa.gentili , Tracy Hu @h1118u , Ayane Takahashi @_305chan_

MODELS: Tracy Hu, Ayane Takahashi, Alberto Menestrina @albertomenestrina, Oscar Chen Oscar Chen @oscaaar.ch

PHOTOGRAPHY + EDITING: Eleonora Defranceschi

HAIR STYLIST: Melissa Gentili

MAKE-UP: Melissa Gentili, Tracy Hu

Fashion powered by:

LOOK n.1:  black minidress and micro blazer by Mukzin; collant(modified by us) + socks by Calzedonia; loafers by Prada

LOOK n.2(Ayane): red blazer by Mukzin ; harness handcrafted; eco leather shorts by Bubbles Tokyo

LOOK n.3(Alberto): white tank top by Tezenis; black cutout cropped sweater by Saint Fleur; harness handcrafted; pants by Muji; sneakers by Nike

LOOK n.4(Oscar): shirt, blazer(modified by us) and tie vintage; pants by Saint Fleur; hat by Mukzin; sneakers by Nike Jordan    

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