Amalga is the name that gives title to the last project presented by Leandro Cano, within the framework of the international competition ‘Worth Partnership Project’ of which he turned out to be one of the winning finalists last year 2019, and that since then he has been developing in collaboration with the companies Mas Telas and Label Graine.

The Worth Partnership Project is the only European project where designers, SMEs, manufacturing companies and technology providers can work together to develop innovative and design-oriented business ideas.

The alliance proposed by Leandro Cano for this contest has been composed by Mas Telas, a small artisan textile company located in Logroño (Spain) and specialized in the technique of the patchwork. To complete the project, the French company Label Graine has provided the latest technology in textile printing.

The result of the collaboration between these companies has given rise to the capsule collection called Amalgama.

Inspiration takes us into a dream world where women on horseback ride through lush forests. It is like a dream in which dreams and reality coexist.

This dream has been translated into a hand-painted print by the artist María Rubio Tortosa.

Three garments have been created for the capsule collection:

– Maxi reversible coat with padding. On the outside, the work created by María Rubio has been printed on cotton fabric. On the inside, Mas Telas, with the technique of the oil mill, have recreated the print in gray and black scale.

– Shirt: long-sleeved shirt with the collection’s print

– Tube skirt with the collection’s print.

In addition to these three garments, the collection consists of two scarves, one with the color print and another with the black and white print made by hand.

The final collection was presented remotely during the Dutch Fashion Week and will be available on Leandro’s website in the coming weeks.


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